Miley Cyrus Would Like To Make A List For You

noah | June 30, 2008 9:15 am
Unfortunately, Miley Cyrus’ new, Brett Ratner-directed video isn’t a Miley-led Guitar Hero marathon; instead, it’s a pretty straightforward clip in which Miley and a bunch of her besties lip-sync along with the super-Avrilly breakup anthem “7 Things.” As of this writing, there are 10,269 comments in the attendant YouTube comment section over whether or not the dog tag that Miley is wearing around her neck/nearly swallowing whole as she tries to kiss it is a sign that she is or isn’t sending all her love to Nick Jonas, and whether or not the shot of her holding up a picture of making her now-patented duck-lip pose at the 1:52 mark has Nick blacked out. Me, I’m just wondering why exactly Ratner was hand-picked to direct this kinda low-budget-looking clip, since nothing was blown up and Miley wasn’t transformed into her own videogame character. Maybe there’s a sequel on the way? [YouTube]