Warrant’s Jani Lane Hits The Wall In Vegas

anthonyjmiccio | July 7, 2008 3:00 am
Hard rock blogs are abuzz with news of Warrant’s performance at Nevada’s Sunset Station Hotel & Casino on Saturday, at which Jani Lane seemed more than worse for wear. According to a Sleaze Roxx review, “the vocals were out of pitch and about a half beat off the rest of the music. I thought, ‘please, let there be some kind of delay in his ear monitors that’s throwing him off’. Then I watched his right hand holding the microphone shaking badly. Shaking to the point I thought for sure he would drop it. Joey Allen and Eric Turner were trying to help Jani catch up by singing into his ear. This was painful to watch.” Needless to say, YouTube was quickly full of evidence to this fact.

Here’s the band performing “Big Talk” less than two months ago in Walker, Minn.

And here’s Warrant attempting the song last weekend in Vegas.

Ugh. Think the band will get it together for their Rocklahoma gig Saturday, or drop out entirely?

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