Ice-T Hated Soulja Boy Well Before Their YouTube Beef

anthonyjmiccio | July 7, 2008 4:30 am

Grandpa Ice-T and young Soulja Boy may have quashed their beef, but a clip of Ice-T bitching about Soulja last October (“Soulja Boy? The fuck is that? It’s garbage! And if the dude doesn’t like it, I’ll punch him in his face.”) that recently popped up on YouTube just may reignite it. Not only does it add a violent threat to the mix, it also casts serious doubt on Ice-T’s claims that he was being goaded into dissing Soulja Boy on the mixtape that started it all. Even if Soulja ignores this cane shaking, Lil’ Mama (“‘My lip gloss be popping?’ Get the fuck out of here.”) and Mims (“We came all the way from Rakim to ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’…) may step up to the star of Surviving The Game with some sequel beef.

Dissing Lil’ Mama, Ice? Are you afraid of cooties? Did you completely forget the B-boy days?

I will never get tired of this clip.

Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy [YouTube viaMissinfo.TV]Crank Dat Ice-T [YouTube]