Avril Lavigne’s Clothing Line Just As Awkwardly “Punk Rock” As Its Designer

noah | July 10, 2008 9:00 am

Avril Lavigne’s clothing line for the discount chain Kohl’s, Abbey Jane, has made its way to outlets of the department store, and while I guess it’s nice that not all the clothing lines for juniors these days are automatically going the spendaholic-bimbette-in-training route, the clothes look a bit, well, uninspired. Sure, they’re not exactly designer duds–prices range from $24 for t-shirts to $40 for hoodies–but wouldn’t it have been nice to see some sort of creativity from Lavigne beyond reappropriation of The Best Damn Thing‘s imagery? It’s almost as if she was cheating off Pete Wentz on an essay test, but being careful to change just enough details so that she could feel OK about passing off the work as her own. A few sample pieces after the jump.


See what I mean about the Wentz biting homage?


A “suspender tee.” For those days when you’re feeling a bit too laid-back to wear the tuxedo one, I guess.


These are called “rock and roll capris.” But they look like sweatpants. You know, the kind of sweatpants that should have “ROCK ME” emblazoned across the ass. And $36? Really?


Who looks good in sweatshirts with arms like this? I ask you.

Abbey Dawn [kohls.com via ONTD]