Britney’s Madonna Video Details Revaled

anthonyjmiccio | July 10, 2008 11:00 am
Britney Spears and Madonna are making a video involving an elevator. It’s the kind of news that can send an otherwise unoccupied mind on flights of fancy. Aerosmith covers? Metaphorical birthing? 2 girls, 1 cup? “Me Against The Music?” So many possibilities, now shattered by the party poopers at E! Online. Those who bother to check out Madonna’s Sticky And Sweet Tour can expect to watch Britney announce that she’s “Britney, bitch” while going apeshit in an elevator. And where we assumed “Live To Tell” pathos might be in order, it looks like the duo are looking towards the defiant, and still totally awesome, “Human Nature.”

According to our insiders, the planned “short movie” will take place inside an elevator, where seven cameras will be strategically placed to capture the magic. The scene-by-scene breakdown goes like this:

Britney, partially disguised by a gray hoodie, walks into the elevator. As she starts traveling upward, she seems particularly nervous and anxious. The popster starts pacing back and forth. Then she progresses to kicking and smacking the walls, all frantic-like. She screams into one of the cameras. Then she starts climbing the wall, pulls down her hood and, into another camera, says:

“It’s Britney, bitch.”

…Strains of Madonna’s “Human Nature” were also heard playing during some scenes and Britney could be seen mouthing the words.

Having revisited “Me Against The Music” as well, I’m kind of disappointed they’ll be ignoring their initial collaboration. It’s no “Human Nature,” but is it really that much worse than the gibberish on Hard Candy?

Going Up? Britney Hits the Elevator for Madonna Concert Video [E! Online] Britney Spears feat. Madonna – “Me Against The Music” [YouTube] Madonna – Human Nature [YouTube]