Free Songs From Music-Related Celebrities: The Future Of The Biz?

noah | July 10, 2008 12:30 pm
When I think about slow news days, or the ever-diminishing cultural potency of music, I moan (well, IM-moan) to my friends about starting a new feature called “Does Anybody Give A Crap About Music Anymore,” in which I examine concerning developments from my RSS reader. Today’s YouTube music-videos chart could be Exhibit A: The No. 1 clip, outpacing its closest rival by a ratio of about 4:1, is a rip of the new single by Ali “Possibly Less Screwed-Up Sister Of Lindsay” Lohan, a piece of ’80s-throwback twaddle that has the production values of the “make your own karaoke tape” booth at Adventureland. The vocals are mixed high (and not pitch-corrected at all), the keyboards are sub-Casio, but none of that matters, since Ali’s famous, and listening to this is a way to participate in the celebrity-industrial complex that, at the very least, is less grueling than sitting through her sister’s star turn in The Georgia Rule. I guess I can comfort myself with the knowledge that The Soup will make a joke about the track during its contractually obligated E! cross-promotion this Friday. Screenshot of the chart after the jump.

Look at those numbers–and how low the bar is for people like Esmee “Discovered On YouTube” Denters, whose album will probably sell 20% of that one-day view number when it drops. Somehow, I miss the innocent, and better-produced, days of Bo Benton. October 2006, were you that long ago?

Ali Lohan – All The Way Around [YouTube]