South Carolina Judge To Decide Whether The People Will Be Able To Get On Up With James Brown’s Memorabilia

noah | July 14, 2008 4:00 am

No news on whether or not the auction of James Brown’s belongings that’s set to take place this Thursday at Christie’s in New York City is happening–a South Carolina judge is set to hand down a decision over whether or not a court had the right to appoint new trustees to the Godfather of Soul’s estate later today–but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at the catalog’s offerings, which include the “SEX”-emblazoned jumpsuit shown at left. It’s wool, which would imply some itchiness, no? (I guess that helped encourage him to dance.) It’s expected to sell for between $5,000 and $7,000, which seems a bit dear–but we’ve compiled some other, cheaper pieces of memorabilia after the jump.

d5099317l.jpg The script to the 2002 movie Undercover Brother doesn’t have a reserve, but it is expected to get between $100 and $200. Think about the hours of re-enacting fun you and your friends could have, complete with fights over who “gets” to be Chris Kattan’s character!

d5099316l.jpgIf only it were still 2006; then you could try and get some cheap prescriptions with Brown’s SAG and AFTRA health plan cards. Although who knows, these cards may still work at your not-as-reputable pharmacies!

d5099304l.jpgThese 10 bow ties are expected to bring the hammer down somewhere between $500 and $700, but at least they’d give you an excuse to actually wear that Avril Lavigne suspender-tee.

d5099333l.jpgOK, so we’re stretching the limits of “affordability” here–this blue cape is expected to sell for the low five figures–but is there really such a thing as a price that’s too high for this, given that it’ll transform you into a funk superhero?

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