Warring Fandoms Further Prove That The Internet Should Have Age Restrictions

Kate Richardson | July 14, 2008 5:00 am

Remember those halcyon days when we came to know and love ADiehardFOBFan as the grand wizard of all Jonas Brothers-directed malice? Well, according to MTV News there’s a new anti-JoBro sheriff in town. And its name is Hundreds Of Angry Tokio Hotel Fans.

The two groups apparently became enraged when MTV’s Buzzworthy blog posted about the word “fanboy” being added to the dictionary, citing Jonas Brothers and Tokio Hotel fanatics as possible inspirations for Merriam-Webster’s decision. Angered members from both camps took to the comments section of the post for an epic war of words.

THA is the best fanclub there is. We have the best blog, and the best forum. I am not being biased :) I do have to say I am a little tired of Tokio Hotel getting compared to Jonas brothers.. because there really isn’t a comparison. We have the same crazy fangirls, but JB’s is an age range of 7-14, where as Tokio Hotel’s fanbase ranges from 14-60+. Tokio hotel took over almost all of Europe, and the Jonas Brothers have merely one country they have made a name for themselves in, the U.S. They are not even a full band. They are just brothers that girls love because they are ‘cute’. Tokio Hotel? That’s real music, and best of all, they do not wear fake purity rings, but instead they are a real rock band that are not afraid to admit how many girls they banged before their interveiw. I do not see any similarities between the bands except that there are siblings in both bands, and the fans are a little crazy. Okay maybe more than a little, but, that’s not in my control.

Tokio Hotel >>>>>>>> Jonas Brothers

Wow; you TH fans have *$#@~?? issues! You’re seriously going to sit there and bash the Jonas Brothers when they’ve been around longer that TH?! LMFAO ; shows what kind of fans you really are.


But the battle didn’t stop there.

But then things got out of hand … really out of hand. Karleigh and Katie Santry, who run JonasBrothersFan.com, even say that angry Tokio Hotel fans started posting inappropriate material on their forums, including pornography and violent photos. “Morbid stuff,” as the girls described it.

All this fuss for a band who look and sound like living Anime characters took music lessons from Evanescence. Sigh.

Having experienced firsthand both Jonas Brothers and Tokio Hotel fandemonium, I can confirm that both groups are essentially identical in terms of rabidness and delusion. The Jonas Brothers fans may skew a bit younger, and be more inclined to use lip gloss, but they’re just one trip to Hot Topic away from the Tokio Hotel fandom. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

(Though, for the record, my official position is that the Jonas Brothers are far easier on the ears.)

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