Are You Ready For Coheed And Cambria’s Concept-Album Marathon?

Dan Gibson | July 15, 2008 10:45 am
How to build up your stamina for four consecutive nights of modern prog? Consider taking on the Stairmaster while blaring Rush albums. The reason that this regime may be necessary: Hirsute rockers Coheed and Cambria will perform the albums in their Amory Wars series over four nights at Terminal 5 in New York (Oct. 22-25) and four nights at the utterly terrible Avalon in Los Angeles (Nov. 5-8). Will Claudio defeat his enemy Supreme Tri Mage Wilhelm Ryan and his Red Army to emerge as the Crowing? Finally, the entire magical tale will be revealed. (You may want to consider bringing a few twelve-sided die and a cape.) [Coheed and Cambria]