Foreigner Trying To Reclaim The “Jukebox Hero” Mantle

noah | July 15, 2008 12:00 pm

Last time we heard from rock staples Foreigner, they were proving their bona fides among the 50+ set by teaming up with old-people organization AARP. Today comes news that they’re trying to embrace (slightly) younger potential listeners out there by pre-releasing their latest greatest-hits album, No, This Time, This Is Really The Best Of Foreigner, to jukeboxes hooked up to the TouchTunes network. And to sweeten the pot, the jukeboxes will “allow TouchTunes users to weigh in on a range of topics including ‘What makes a Juke Box Hero?'” Well, that’s certainly a question worth answering at any time of day, even when one isn’t at a bar and trying to kill time! So we’ve put our own version of that poll after the jump.

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Whatever your answer, I think we can all say that playing this song doesn’t fit the bill, unless it’s the end of the night and whatever bar you’re in is populated solely by people who will join the chorus:

Foreigner’s First New Music in a Decade Introduced to Fans on the TouchTunes Network [MarketWatch]