The “Pretend To Be A Musician” Game Expansion Pack Of My Dreams

noah | July 15, 2008 2:00 am

I got a little excited yesterday by the news of Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” being included in the next iteration of Rock Band, even if the idea of reissuing a song via video game is probably something my 1993 self would have sneered at. But I’m all about embracing the new millennium these days (or at least tryingto), so I came up with an expansion pack that draws on the Kill Rock Stars catalog of that era. It has a slight focus on the three fantastic “Kill Rock Stars”-themed compilations that the label put out in the mid-’90s, because all of those albums are 100% fire. (And yes, the first track on it is kind of absurd, given that the band in question wasn’t exactly the greatest live act. But that’s part of the fun, no?) My list is after the jump; I invite you to take a moment or two out of your All-Star Parade watching to create an expansion pack of your own, around whatever theme you’d like.

Huggy Bear, “Her Jazz” Bratmobile, “Kiss And Ride” Calamity Jane, “Come On” Slant 6, “Nights x 9” Tiger Trap, “Supreme Nothing” Cupid Car Club, “M.P. Skulkers” Team Dresch, “Hand Grenade” Mary Lou Lord, “Some Jingle Jangle Morning” (the 7-inch version, not the one on Got No Shadow) Rancid, “Brixton” (to draw in the “casual” buyer) Kreviss, “I.O.U.” (although you’d probably need to get an extra console for the multi-drumming action)

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