Kanye West Ghost-Blogging Controversy May Result In Another Broken MacBook Air Pretty Soon

noah | July 16, 2008 5:30 am

Is Kanye West really behind all of the design porn and crazy rants that make up his blog? A few skeptics have had the gall to ask that question over the past 24 hours, and the realization that the caps-lock-happy MC may employ a “ghost blogger” from time to time lit up the message boards and led to Kanye posting the above photo, which I guess is supposed to be actual photodocumentary evidence that yes, he does in fact write his own entries. (Or at least he has the “new entry” page bookmarked on his MacBook Air.) A timeline of how this all came to be after the jump.

Apparently, this whole kerfuffle started when Marcus Troy started making noise about the possibility that Kanye might have had some blogging help:

This shit is a full time job at times, keeping people updated on all types of stuff. So many people start blogs and update for like 3 months and fall off the face of the earth. There are countless of blogs in my rss reader that never get updated (shame on you guys) cause this is time consuming. I know I’m a busy guy and I still find time to get my blog work in. How the Hell does Kanye have time to update his blog with 10 new post a day? while touring, making beats, sexing, looking at porn, shopping, creating vodka commercials, attending fashion shows and whatever else a dude of his caliber is doing? The only way I see it happening is with a “Ghost Blogger”. I know by some of his post it seems like he is the one finding all the cool stuff and writing all those post, But we don’t believe you, you need more people. My other pet peeve about my “speculated ghost bloggers” and some bloggers in general, is that they don’t credit the sites where they get their information from. I am starting the blogfirm! You can post info 4 times a month without giving credit, but after that your getting blacklisted! Ok ,so I don’t really have any power to do this, but you get my point.

This led gossip blogger Sandra Rose to posit that Troy was actually Kanye’s ghost blogger, a theory that I suspect she came up with in part because Troy is into posting results of cool-hunting expeditions like the man he’s supposedly writing for. Kanye, needless to say, was not pleased by the allegations, throwing up a post titled “I DON’T KNOW WHO THE HELL THIS IS… BUT I COVERED HIS NAME AND FACE SO HE WOULDN’T GET THE PUB HE WAS OBVIOUSLY LOOKIN’ 4!” that was full of whited-out pictures of Troy and blogging-action shots like the one above.

As of now, Marcus and Sandra seem more flattered and amused by Kanye’s attention than anything else. Sandra claims that the wordless nature of Kanye’s “response” post would seem to put the nail in the ghostwritten coffin, but those who follow his blog closely know that he generally takes a long time to respond to criticism. So… let’s just say this story is “developing,” although if you see a marked change in tone over the next few weeks or so of Kanye postings, we’ll all know why.

Ghost Blogger: For The Right Price I Can Make Your Blog Tighter [Marcus Troy] Meet Kanye West’s Ghost Blogger [Sandra Rose] I DON’T KNOW WHO THE HELL THIS IS… BUT I COVERED HIS NAME AND FACE SO HE WOULDN’T GET THE PUB HE WAS OBVIOUSLY LOOKIN’ 4! [kanYe West: Blog]