Steven Page Is Having A Court Date

Dan Gibson | July 18, 2008 11:20 am

Steven Page’s dalliance with coke parties and the ladies of Syracuse might not be the sort of image that Disney is looking for, especially with Miley Cyrus’ latest troubles in mind, so the Barenaked Ladies have bowed out of the Disney Music Block Party Tour, which also features They Might Be Giants. “Members of the band completely support Steven Page,” said the band’s manager, Terry McBride, “but we don’t want to put Disney in an awkward position before issues involving Steven’s arrest are resolved.” Note the language has moved from the charges being “strongly contested” to them being “resolved,” likely thanks in part to Page admitting he snorted some coke with some rolled-up Canadian currency. Well, that’s a revelation that should add at least a line or two to “If I Had A Million Dollars.” [Marketwatch]