Is It Too Late To Apologize For Chris Cornell’s Solo Career?

noah | July 18, 2008 11:00 am

ARTIST: Chris Cornell TITLE: “Long Gone” WEB DEBUT: July 17, 2008

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: In theory, I’m fine with the idea of Timbaland producing Chris Cornell’s forthcoming solo album. Timbaland has said that he wants to make Cornell “the first rock star in the club,” while Cornell called their collaborations “natural, not self-conscious … open.” I mean, sure, both parties have been pretty stagnant creatively as of late, what with Cornell strenuously pissing away any Soundgarden-garnered goodwill he may still have and Timbaland ripping himself off while crawling up his own behind. But maybe the lack of self-consciousness Cornell mentioned would serve as a galvanizing force, and result in something exciting being committed to tape! Unfortunately, my optimism was torpedoed by one spin of Cornell’s “comeback” single “Long Gone,” which pretty much sounds like “Apologize,” only without Timbo’s here-and-there “ays” and with Cornell’s rapidly deteriorating voice in place of Ryan Tedder’s whine. Anyone want to take bets on how this is going to play with the Linkin Park fans this summer?

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