MTV Turning This Year’s VMA-Nominating Process Into A Block Party For Street Teams

noah | July 21, 2008 12:00 pm

MTV has announced that it’s opening nominations for this year’s video music awards to the fans, presumably because July and August are low-traffic months for Web sites all over the planet and they need to boost the traffic to somehow. Eight categories will have their nominations receive “help” from the clicking hordes: Best Male Video; Best Female Video; Best Hip-Hop Video; Best Pop Video; Best Dancing In A Video (apparently the word “choreography” is too syllable-filled for Generation TXT); Best New Artist; Best Rock Video; and Video Of The Year. Given past online skirmishes between crazed fans, it looks like the final category is going to play host to a bloody, yet well-coiffed, showdown between the Jonas Brothers and Tokio Hotel. But what of the other battles?

Voting for Best Female Video and Best Male Video is open now, and given the image-heavy, clusterfuckish “design” that’s been bestowed upon the nomination pages, I’d say that there will be a lot of self-fulfilling prophecizing going on. By which I mean that the “ballots” are initially organized in such a way that the most-viewed clips (“Lollipop” for the Best Male nominees, “No Air” for female, although isn’t that technically a duet?) are at the top of the first page, and will thus get clicked on more than any others, save any crazy street-teaming. Which I guess makes sense, in a way. (Something that may be worth chewing on: There are seven pages of Best Male nominees to four pages of those for Best Female.)

Obviously, this is but one of many VMA-related items to come on Idolator, if only because I too am grimly “excited” to see how the producers will top last year’s trainwreck of an opening. And I’ve actually cast a ballot for Rufus Wainwright’s version of “Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart”–because if we’re going to be treated to a live re-creation of “Winemouse,” the least we could do is try to make the run-up to it somewhat fun.

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