“Pitchfork” Bows Out Of The Black Kids Debate With The Help Of Some Adorable Pugs

noah | July 22, 2008 9:30 am

danielgibson77: are they apologizing to their readership? danielgibson77: for promoting the band in the first place? mauraatidolator: i think so danielgibson77: i would appreciate a more extensive apology, then. danielgibson77: i’ve had to tell my son this, but part of apologizing is trying to be better in the future.

(And for you eagle-eyed readers who were up at 5 and saw an earlier, more sternly numbered version of the review–hey, I know there are some of you out there–Scott Plagenhoef has provided a semi-official statement on the whole thing. Honestly, I’m just glad that this review ran on the same day as their writeup of Ida Maria, i.e. an artist who actually deserves the coverage-slash-hype.)

Partie Traumatic [Pitchfork]