Kid Rock Speaks, In The Only Way He Knows How

noah | July 22, 2008 1:45 am

iTunes holdout Kid Rock tells Bob Lefsetz how his iTunes avoidance is working for him: “Why sell a million downloads (at a dickweed penny rate) that u say equals a 100,000 records when I’m selling well over a hundrend thousand records every 2 weeks? And I’m helping my heros sell records too???? Sounds like I’m winning, if this were the olympics I would definatley be receiving the gold medal, but that’s a lot like itunes, a lot of glory, no money!!!! i only wanna sell my album. i made a great album. itunes said ‘no’, i dont like being told ‘no’. thier just as guilty. ps, i have a ton of apple stock, pretty ironic eh? lol” All the way to the bank, even. [Lefsetz Letter]