“Fashion Rocks” Will Awkwardly Merge Pop Music And Prime Time Once More

noah | July 22, 2008 3:30 am

One thing that’s worth reading from last Sunday’s paper is the New York Times‘ profile of Conde Nast chairman Si Newhouse, who’s painted as a meticulously detail-oriented man who spares almost no expense on keeping his products at a certain level of taste. I bring this up because this year’s installment of the Conde-produced Fashion Rocks has been announced. It’s taking place on Sept. 5, and airing four days later on CBS–a curious pseudo-event to bring back, given that last year’s installment only managed ratings in the low twos, fewer people care about pop music than ever, and even those who do care might be working through their PTSD from MTV’s Video Music Awards, which air Sept. 7. But not if you realize that, as the Times asserts, “Condé spends money like no one else in the industry–more on salaries, paper stock, writers, photographers, travel, clothes, parties and just about any other line item imaginable.” And apparently one of the line items in question is Fergie, who’ll be performing at the show for the third year straight! Perhaps this time, she’ll play beauty consultant and clue the world in on the secrets behind her super-arched eyebrows.

Beyonce Black Eyed Peas Chris Brown Fergie Justin Timberlake Keith Urban Lil Wayne Mariah Carey Rihanna Kid Rock Duffy

Come to think of it, this lineup does sort of scream “2006,” with the exception of Duffy. Things weren’t that much better then, guys.

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