Legos And Egos

syurick | July 28, 2008 11:00 am

In keeping with an earlier insinuation that I would pun lazily throughout the day, here’s a project some folks “blocked” out time for: They re-created famous album covers using Legos. (I’m still waiting for the Illuminated Manuscript-style Lego retelling of “Brick” by Ben Folds.) While the creators pegged themselves a little narrowly by saturating the thing with Beatles albums, I think that the Born In The U.S.A. cover shown at left is a true coup. It’s faithful to the original, sure. But it’s really a feat of mathematical precision, awkward and anatomically disconcerting to the point that you’d almost think The Boss’s plastic avatar was sprouting an ass tumor instead of holstering his hat. This is why little girls puke to be pretty and little boys sand themselves into square shapes. Now, on to the fun part of any music-related list–complaining about how there aren’t enough people of color on it, and claiming that Radiohead is overrated just to see who takes the bait. [The Toy Zone via digg/ “Born in the USA” image via minifig on flickr]