“Fashion Rocks” Cover Reveals Pop Music’s Preservation In Amber

noah | July 29, 2008 10:00 am

The cover for Conde Nast’s annual Fashion Rocks supplement has been revealed, and its tacit admission that few of the people who will have multiple copies of the thing cluttering up their houses have been paying attention to pop music much is, at the very least, impressive in its brazenness: People haven’t really paid attention to music over the past two years, it seems to be saying, so why not just serve up the alternate cover we were going to run before Jennifer Lopez muscled her way onto Page One last year? Well played. And budget-conscious, too! (The asterisk next to the Kills’ coverline is probably my favorite part of the whole thing. “Wait, before you run away, here’s a celebrity-related reason to care about this band!”) [E!]