‘Shoot Out the Lights’

noah | July 29, 2008 3:30 am

What would happen if Flannery O’Connor wrote a book in the one-album-per-tome 33 1/3 series about the Fall’s Hex Enduction Hour? Hayden Childs, who wrote his own book in the series on Richard and Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out The Lights, has found out: “The next night, Haze parked the Kraken in front of the Hotel Aggro and climbed up it and began to preach. ‘I tell you that this is the home of the vain!’ he called. ‘Too much romantic here! I destroy romantics! Actors! Kill it! Kill it-ah!’ He’d begun to slip on the slick rust, and his arm made a vague motion describing the crescent arc of English longhorns. A short man with a feral look stopped to listen.” More at the link. [PowellsBooks.BLOG]

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