Heart-Shaped Pancakes And White Chocolate Everywhere: Idolator Samples Denny’s Musician-Inspired Offerings

noah | July 31, 2008 11:00 am

We’ve reported earlier on Denny’s attempt to reach out to the kids by inviting bands to design menu items, throwing Warped Tour afterparties, and playing alt-rock over the loudspeakers during the late-night hours. But since there’s no outpost of the 24-hour chain diner nearby, we couldn’t experience the marketing magic for ourselves–until last night, when the Idolator braintrust got invited to an event spotlighting the items on what Denny’s is calling its Rock Star Menu. Unfortunately the Metropolitan Pavilion didn’t have red plastic booths installed for the festivities (Denny’s-branded placemats would have to suffice), it was early evening and not the wee hours of the morning, and I was drinking rum-spiked Diet Dr Pepper instead of the virginal version that I’d normally be served. But otherwise former Denny’s beat reporter Anthony Miccio and I felt like we’d been transported back to the suburbs, complete with “Toxic” playing at top volume over the PA and me nearly choking on an onion ring. After the jump, our overall impressions of the menu’s musician-designed foodstuffs.

All-American S.O.S. (All-American Rejects) Sausage gravy, Texas toast, and what seemed to be a cheeseburger. Sadly, it wasn’t available for sampling, although that’s probably a good thing given that I probably would have had an on-premises heart attack.

Plain White Shake (Plain White T’s) Vanilla ice cream, cheesecake, white chocolate; topped with graham cracker shavings. My favorite item of the evening, even with the presence of white chocolate. Although this could be because I’ve been having a serious dairy jones lately.

Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries (Taking Back Sunday) The makings of a bacon cheeseburger spilled all over French fries. Let’s just say that when I woke up this morning, I was really wishing that I’d had a plate of these before I went to bed. (Fries with mozzerella melted on top would have also sufficed. Oh man. Must… resist… urge to place SeamlessWeb order…)

Heart On A Plate Pancakes (Eagles of Death Metal, whose name was shortened to “EoDM” on the promotional flats, presumably because of the whole death thing) Heart-shaped pancakes on top of chocolate sauce, covered in raspberry sauce and white chocolate chips. (What is up with white chocolate and this menu?) Very, very sweet–the small version that was being served at the event seemed like more than enough. Apparently on the menu these are served with bacon and eggs, which could serve as something of a savory corrective, I suppose. Anthony said: “I’m concerned that the Heart On A Plate pancakes as we had them couldn’t possibly replicated by the cooks at any Denny’s I’ve ever been to. I’ve never had pancakes that light at any actual Denny’s. For that reason I’m guessing the Plain White Shake will the best future offering on the rock star menu (they’re dishing out one a month) that is pretty guaranteed to taste good when you order it. That said, if the Heart On A Plate is pulled off across the U.S., I hope “EoDM” get a few CDs up at the counter because they’re sure to sell a couple. Unless Christian groups discover a band with songs like “Kiss The Devil” is working with Dennys. I wonder if Billy Corgan will try to sue for copyright infringement? He invented the heart!”

Apparently Boys Like Girls are next on the docket. They’re designing an egg dish! Which seems personally appropriate, since I am as “meh” about eggs as I am about Boys Like Girls.

Denny’s All Nighter [Official site] [Pic via Dennys All Nighter]