Sheryl Crow’s Clothing Line Might Want To Focus On The Low End

noah | August 1, 2008 2:30 am

From the looks of Google Trends, it would seem that people are much more interested in Sheryl Crow’s new jeans line, Bootheel Trading Co., than they are in her music (the term “sheryl crow jeans” is No. 2 on that chart right now; meanwhile, sales of her album Detours, which came out in February, just hit the 350,000-unit mark). Which makes sense for two reasons: one, people actually need clothes more than they need Crow’s sunblasted version of lite-rock; and two, the clothes are actually not all that bad, with relatively reasonable prices (tops range from $26-$48, while the jeans’ price points are between $62 and $64) and a “green” message (all the cotton used is fair trade). I would maybe consider buying the jeans at left if Crow’s name wasn’t visible–hey, I have some standards–although I have to warn you that the tops fall far outside the realm of what makes me happy:


This T-shirt isn’t bad from a distance, but when you see it close-up, you realize that it has descriptive adjectives all over it. And that said adjectives–among them “survivor,” “musician,” “eco-activist,” and “free spirit”–are meant to describe Sheryl Crow, and not the person who paid $26 for it.


Shirts like these make anyone with boobs look much more Grimace-like than they actually are. Waistlines, people!


Christ. Vests again? No thanks.

So, the tops are pretty much a misfire. But at least there aren’t any ugly sweatpants, which means that it’s more of a success than Avril Lavigne’s line for Kohl’s!

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