Blessed By A Brokenheart Walk That Fine Line Between “Awesome” And “Uhh”

noah | August 4, 2008 11:45 am

Things you should know about Blessed By A Brokenheart, who bring us the above piece of artwork: • You can pretty much ballpark what their music sounds like by looking at the above cover. • They are Canadian. And Christian. And on a Christian metal package tour right now. • But they still believe in “rock n’ roll excess,” and they have a picture of themselves with Anna Nicole Smith on… &bull, their MySpace photo gallery, which may feature the best use of that page’s layout in the history of the social-networking site.

Time will tell if they are the new Andrew WK, although if they open their own chain of storefront churches anytime soon that question will be answered definitively.

Blessed By A Brokenheart [MySpace]