Stone Temple Pilots Tour Going About As Well As You Expected

noah | August 4, 2008 12:00 pm
It’s been a while since we heard of any disasters on the Stone Temple Pilots reunion tour, but last week’s concert in Phoenix brought Scott Weiland and his bandmates back on the trainwreck path. It got off to an unfortunate start, as you can see from the above video, with Weiland mumbling an introduction to “Big Empty” before being propelled backwards and into the drum kit of Eric Kretz, no doubt because of the power of his inebriated yarl. (The fall comes at around the 1:23 mark, although the intro really helps contextualize things.) And the mishap must have jumbled things up in his brain even more, because he then went on to forget and alter the lyrics to the track. A description from an Arizona Republic writer who saw the whole thing go down in non-pixellated form follows:

The lengthy set opened with Big Empty from The Crow soundtrack. Dressed in a grey suit Weiland stumbled around the stage and fell into drummer Eric Kretz’s drum kit which confirmed he is now officially the Amy Winehouse of rock ‘n’ roll. When he did sing he often forgot words or changed them. “Conversations Kill” quickly became “Masturbation Kill.”

The singer’s incoherent rants in between songs were cut off by his band members starting the next song to stop the bleeding. Guitarist Dean DeLeo and his brother bassist Robert DeLeo looked humiliated as they ripped through classics like Wicked Garden, Big Bang Baby and Vasoline.

“Masturbation kill”? Something must be wrong. Anyway, at this point, I’m less surprised by this all going down than I am by the fact that the following bit is not on YouTube yet:

The crowd was really thrown for a loop when the singer busted out an a cappella cover of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song which felt like it went on for an hour because it was hard to understand anything he was saying.

Well, that’s what happens when you emancipate yourself from mental slavery!

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