Is Lenny Kravitz Really Going To Fill Weiland’s Velvet Shoes?

noah | August 12, 2008 10:00 am

Like the Timex Social Club, I spend a lot of time lamenting the rumors that surround me every day. How do they get started? And where do they get crazy? In Truthmongerer, I’ll try to suss out the kernels of truth in the rumors that are taking up airspace in gossip columns, blogs, and our tips inbox.

THE RUMOR: The new lead singer of Velvet Revolver is none other than Lenny Kravitz.


LIKELY TRUTHS: The “source” of the Sun story that broke this rumor is claiming that Kravitz has been spotted in the studio with Slash, Duff, and Matt Sorum, a scenario that isn’t all that far-fetched. Kravitz is no stranger to playing with many of the members of Guns N’ Roses, what with Slash appearing on his album Mama Said and Lenny jumping on stage to perform “Always On The Run” during a Guns N’ Roses show back in the day. That sort of pre-existing chemistry could definitely serve as a hedge from relations devolving into the sour sniping that marked Velvet Revolver’s end.

LIKELY FALSEHOODS: But would Kravitz want to subsume his identity into a band that wasn’t his? Kravitz’s latest solo effort, It Is Time For A Love Revolution, didn’t sell too badly, reaching the 189,000-scanned mark before it dropped off the Billboard 200 back in April. And his name recognition has, after all, led him all the way to the racks at Kohl’s.

Itz Lenny for Revolver [The Sun] [Photo: Getty]