The Newest Innovation In Kids’ Compilations: “No Annoying Cover Songs!”

Michaelangelo Matos | August 13, 2008 1:45 am

Next Tuesday sees the release of a Motown compilation. Big deal–there are approximately 875,000 Motown compilations. But Motown for Kids promises to be a little different.

OK, it isn’t different at all: all 14 of its songs are proven warhorses. Nevertheless, Universal has seen the Kidz Bop series and raised the ante: “Finally there’s a series made for children that adults will love!” goes one tag line. Here’s another: “Introduce your kids to the classic Motown hits with Motown for Kids, a new CD in a series from Universal Music Family developed specifically to entertain kids and not drive parents crazy. Motown for Kids features original songs from their original artists. No annoying cover songs!” We know they’re just covering their markets where they can–and with kids’ albums one of the few places sales are booming, why not?–but it’s kind of sad to see some of the greatest music ever made reduced to a tolerable variation on third-grade classes chirping “4 Minutes.”

Motown for Kids [Amazon]