Jonas Brothers Fans Launch Intimidation Campaign Against “Washington Post” Critic

Kate Richardson | August 13, 2008 2:30 am

In the vast, weird universe of Jonas Brothers fandom, there are certain rules. Right up at the top of the list with “Scream ’til your lungs bleed” and “Never trust a Tokio Hotel fan,” there’s “Never let a music critic suggest one Jonas is inferior, as all Jonases are created equal.” Washington Post music critic J. Freedom du Lac found this out the hard way when he angered the J.Bros fanbeast by describing Kevin Jonas as “the other one” in a recent profile of the band. The response was apparently so great that the Post decided to publish a few select e-mails as a sort of peace offering to the shrieking masses.

In a profile of the pop group yesterday, du Lac identified the brothers as ” Nick Jonas (15; the cute one), Joe Jonas (nearly 19; the hot one) and Kevin Jonas (20; the other one).” He also said Kevin “has the misfortune — or, perhaps, the great fortune — of being in a band with two guys who tend to overshadow him.”

These words caused offense in the Jonas community.

The editors have decided that it’s only fair to give the fans their say. Several of the dissenting e-mails are printed below, with unorthodox spelling and punctuation intact.

As for du Lac and his immediate supervisor, they have been chastised severely and ordered to spend the rest of the week reorganizing Bob Woodward’s scrapbook.

It may appear as if they’re using a sarcastic tone, but I sense a true undercurrent of fear, and I don’t blame them. These girls mean business. Take a gander at this message from Victoria:

I and many other people took offense to the article that you wrote about the Jonas Brothers… because MANY people love Kevin, and he doesn’t deserve to be disrespected like that. Just because he doesn’t have millions of 8-year-olds chasing after him, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a sincere fan base, because he does. His true fans can see that he is funny, caring, and incredibly sweet.

He’s amazing at the guitar, and if you’ve ever been to any of their concerts, you would know that. He spins around probably about ten times, while still playing. That takes alot of skill. He was the first of them to take up the instrument, and deserves alot of credit for getting the band started.

So don’t assume that just because some of the shallow teenie boppers don’t fall head over heels for him, that there aren’t people who truly care about him.

i hope that you get where i’m going with this, and i’d appreciate it if in the future you could refrain from disrespecting one-third of the most amazing band in the world.

Not bad, Victoria, but the “He spins around probably about ten times, while still playing” argument gives you away as a newb to the glories of rock badassery. Next argument, please.

i am a 13 year old girl. and i cant stand when people talk about other people that i love. so you can see that there is alot of hate for him and ya’ll don’t even care! he could be at collage or doing his own thing now! but by helping his brothers this has turned into a HUGE thing!!! i am going to stop now! becoase i am in tears already ! so i hope you get the picture!

Yes, that’s the old familiar Jonas Brothers fan tone that we all know and love. The last three e-mails interestingly all employ some sort of guilt/shame:

omg. i cant freaking belive the WASHINGTON POST! would write something like that about the amazing, gorgeous, and talented kevin jonas.

i thought you guys would be way higher than all of that crap….

i hope you enjoy all of the hatemail.

how could you be so rude! Kevin Jonas may not be as good looking as Joe and Nick, but if there was no Kevin, there would be no jonas brothers! That’s horrible that anyone would publish something so cruel and mean! It’s not just adults who read the washington post, there’s LOTS of jonas fans too!

You do not have the right to criticize someone you don’t even know! That’s not right. That’s biased. Ever heard the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” That DEFINATELY applies here. I bet if you were forced to spend a day with the Jonas Brothers, or just Kevin, you’d find out he’s one of the sweetest, nicest guys around. So please stop hating on him. I thought only teenagers did that, but you’re a grown man. GROW UP!

“You’re writing below your own standards! We love your paper too, why do you hate us? You’re judgmental and childish!” Man, these ladies are making leaps and bounds of logic. I think eventually it will evolve to the point that all Jonas Brothers detractors will be listed on a registry which will be made available to the public and used to warn communities of their presence. So let J. Freedom du Lac’s mistake be a lesson to us all.

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