Danzig’s House Would Like You To Be Its Friend

noah | August 14, 2008 10:30 am

Here is what happens when you click on a message-board thread titled “How Can I Find Danzig’s House”: You get to read jokes like “look for a mailbox on midget height in the area” and “The cops make him move it every 6 hours or he gets a ticket.” (Funny!) But even better, you’re pointed toward a MySpace page purporting to belong to the house that features shots of Glenn Danzig washing his car, the hole in the roof, and the giant pile of red bricks on the front lawn, which, according to Beck, has been out there for years and years. (“I think it’s a statement,” the moppety chameleon said of Danzig’s unusual landscaping choice. Perhaps that statement is “Can someone help me unload these goddamn bricks?”) Danzig’s House currently has 1,346 friends, and I can’t help but wonder if any of them added the structure in hopes of getting a glimpse at the possibly poolside library:

Danzig’s House [MySpace via Metal Sludge’s Gossip Board] Earlier: Walter Benjamin Glenn Danzig Unpacks His Library