Now You Can Own A Memento Of One Of James Brown’s More Unfortunate Musical Offerings

noah | August 14, 2008 2:30 am
Yes, the cape worn by James Brown in Rocky IV–from which the tragic-in-countless-ways “Living In America” was spawned–is now up for sale on eBay. The details: “This amazing piece of soul history features plush blue and white stripes with the famous bull embroidered on the back. On the interior it features a light blue patterned lining with the “James Brown” monogram. This cape was retired when it met with a cigarette on Mr. James Brown’s bus while on tour. The embroidered bull logo has been discolored on its eye and a hole is present in the blue plush exterior. The cape itself measures 50 inches tall and almost 120 inches wide when fully spread out.” Surely anyone who has the $15,000 for such an item wouldn’t read that last bit and think “so, you mean I can start a whole line of carpets based on the idea that it has thread from James Brown’s cape in it,” right? Not that I’m trying to give anyone any harebrained business ideas or anything. [eBay /YouTube]