John Rich Wants You To Vote For McCain Without Even Looking At Him

noah | August 15, 2008 9:30 am
John Rich has released the video for his pro-John McCain country boilerplate “Raising McCain,” and it’s a curious clip for one reason: There isn’t a single shot of the Republican Presidential candidate anywhere in it. In what I’m assuming is a way to prove to the Obama-infatuated kids out there that yes, young people actually are going to vote Republican come November, the clip is instead populated by a bunch of Rock Of Love casting-call rejects who are waving around “McCain” signs. (There is one–but only one!–older woman in the audience, who I guess has been placed in the clip because of concerns over “authenticity.”) I understand that getting McCain to the video set was probably tough because he’s in full-on “learn about the Internet before that CNN debate” mode, but were the video’s producers so scared of turning away the youth they wouldn’t even sneak in a still shot of McCain looking even semi-Presidential?

Anyway, now that this clip is out, it is time to engage in a campaign-song showdown between Rich’s track and the pro-Obama song helmed by

Raising McCain [YouTube]Yes We Can [YouTube]