Def Leppard Asks Its Fans: “Do You Wanna Get Rock… zimityed?”

noah | August 18, 2008 12:00 pm
Because nothing sounds as sexy and rock-and-roll as an initiative with the word “marketing” attached to its title, snobby rockers Def Leppard will launch “Rockzimity Marketing,” a Bluetooth/wireless initiative for those fans who want to spend as much time at concerts checking their phone as actually watching the show, at a concert later this week. “You have to differentiate your music in today’s industry and how you introduce things to your audience,” Joe Elliott told whatever sucker was charged with writing this press release. Well, I guess when you’re at the point where you’re releasing cover albums and making desperate crossover attempts in an effort to stay relevant, “differentiating” yourself via idiotically named tech initiatives is just as good as actually writing a song, right? [Marketwire / YouTube]