Bono Clearly Needs To Move Somewhere A Little More Remote

noah | August 18, 2008 2:45 am

Over the weekend, some enterprising U2 fan decided to sit outside Bono’s beach house in the south of France–not because he wanted to stalk the philanthropic frontman, but because dude was giving the immediate area near his house a listening party of sorts, blaring material from his band’s new album for all neighbors to hear. In what could be seen as some of the best revenge on a bad neighbor ever, said snooper recorded the songs Bono was blasting and then put them up on the Internet. But was the taping as “illicit” as people thought? See, this whole “omg, I was just walking by and these new U2 songs happened to be playing” thing also happened back in 2006, although funnily enough, one of those “leaks” turned out to be a track by Albert Hammond Jr. Anyway, whether this is just a pre-pre-release publicity stunt for Bono (or Julian Casablancas?) or just the result of Bono thinking that he is, in fact, the lord of his domain, Vulture has kindly embedded all the “leaked” tracks for you to hear. Be warned: all the distortion and Dopplering were enough to induce vertigo. (And no, I’m not using that term as a clever reference.) [Vulture]