Soulja Boy Is Not Really A Boy Of The People

noah | August 21, 2008 9:30 am
In the latest video from the ceaselessly self-promoting vlogger/sometime musician Soulja Boy, the kid wakes up on Gucci sheets, blows his nose in money, and reads his YouTube comments. It’s breathtaking if only because of its naked depiction of Soulja Boy as the ultimate Bubble Boy, someone who’s the last person to realize his ever-growing irrelevance. I mean, here’s someone whose dance is still being performed by kids in my neighborhood en masse and instead of trying to strike while the iron is hot he’s unironically riding a Segway around the basement of his awkwardly designed McMansion? Sweetie Soulja, you know that the Gob Bluth character on Arrested Development was supposed to be a joke, right? [YouTube via the listenerd]