So It’s Come To This: Behold, Music Reviews With A 160-Character Limit

noah | August 25, 2008 3:30 am

Today, I found out that there’s a Web site trying to bring the clunky brevity of the microblogging service Twitter to criticism: Behold Blippr, another vowelless Web 2.0 entry that lets users grade on a one-of-four-emoticon scales (it ranges from “:D” to “:(“) and “write” 160-character reviews of movies, music, games, and (sigh) books. Because, as they put it, long reviews suck! After the jump, 10 reviews by blippr members about albums they love–posted in their entirety, because hey, we’ve got the room!

First song; the bass line will change your life. Listen. The album; epic… thunderous… life changing.

One of the best albums I’ve ever heard.

Good songs, good new direction for the band.

had to listen to it a couple of times like a few other people.

This album will forever remind me of the first year of my relationship with my boyfriend.

Deep meaning full songs, some better than others however it deserves all the prizes it can get.

a return to form.

One of those few albums that I can enjoy from start to finish. Great brit-pop filled with catchy melodies and music that you want to sing along with.

Are you kidding me!

for good or bad, it’s the sound of 2007/08!

What albums are each of those users talking about? You can go ahead and try to guess, but hey, does it even matter? I, personally, can’t wait for one of the Big Three music magazines to adopt the Blippr approach tout de suite–think about how great those 160-character writeups will look on those pullquote-adorned stickers attached to CDs!

music – blippr [blippr via MSN]