The Lady Of Rage Catalog Might Be Up For Grabs Again

Dan Gibson | August 26, 2008 3:30 am

The somewhat dubious Global Music Group seems to have lost the rights to purchase Death Row Records, largely because they didn’t come up with the $24 million they pledged. The Global Music Group, which is apparently owned by esthetician Susan Berg, claims the entire thing is a negotiating tactic of some sort, which seems somewhat like when people try to haggle the checkout person at Target for a discount. (I fully admit that it may be more complicated than I think.) Somehow, a group that includes actor/singer/annoyance Jamie Foxx is involved and may cough up money to help GMG or to purchase the catalog outright, but right now it seems like the once-proud Death Row catalog will be sitting on the “For Sale” shelf for a while. [FMQB]