The Gaslight Anthem Bring A Bit Of Jersey To My Stereo

Dan Gibson | August 26, 2008 4:00 am
I’m a little behind on hyping the Gaslight Anthem’s second album The ’59 Sound, especially since the bloggers’ way dictates that one must promote music that hasn’t actually been released or isn’t otherwise available to be purchased in any manner, but I feel like I’d be slacking if I didn’t at least give the band a mention. The band is working the European festival circuit at the moment and riding the buzz of the British press before being stuck opening for the incredibly tiresome Rise Against here later this year. Regardless, the album is one of the front-to-back most enjoyable discs I’ve heard this year, and it should propel them to at least the heights of Against Me’s New Wave, last year’s earnest storytelling punk record of note. [Official site]