Liz Phair Takes The Really, Really Wrong Pill

noah | September 4, 2008 5:30 am

Have you experienced anything that shattered your perception of the world today? I did when I heard that the pestilent Katy Perry was going to perform Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” at the Video Music Awards. But even that piece of news didn’t compare to the above video, in which Liz Phair “satirizes” the period when she was under the influence of the Avril-approved songwriting borg The Matrix by, uh, starring in her own version of The Matrix. I’m going to say, in fact, that anyone who sits through all three minutes and however many seconds of the above clip is hereby excused from–nay, not allowed to even consider–sitting through Perry’s performance on Sunday, if only because I care about the mental well-being of each and every last one of you. [via Videogum]