The Jacksons Almost Reunite On Stage Yet Again

noah | September 5, 2008 9:30 am
Last night’s BMI Urban Awards in Los Angeles honored the Jacksons for “lifetime achievement,” and featured Lloyd singing “I’ll Be There,” which sadly has not shown up on YouTube yet. Of the six Jacksons who performed with the singing group, Michael and Jermaine were missing, a fractured state that caused reporters to ask where the self-proclaimed King Of Pop was–and Marlon to crack that he was “in Egypt riding a camel or something”–but no questions about the wherabouts of Jermaine. Sure, his current stretch of reality-TV appearances makes him a bit less of a mystery, but don’t reporters know that it’s unsubtle sibling-related snubs like these that make the full-on reunion they’re craving less and less of a possibility? You’d think every entertainment reporter out there was an only child, I tell you. [AP / YouTube]