Lily Allen Is Mad That No One Got The Joke

noah | September 5, 2008 11:00 am

The pint-sized singer responds to the flap over her Wednesday-night tiff with Elton John on her blog, saying that it was all just a big joke and even though she may have been drunk, it wasn’t like Sir Elton was mad or anything: “I’m not defending my drunkeness because i don’t need to, i’m 23 it was an awards ceremony i drank the free champagne, how awful of me. Trying to create a feud on the other hand, and trying to make me out as being some rude little girl with a drink problem is just unfair, Elton and I exchanged jokes and there were no hard feelings at all, infact neither of us gave it a second thought. It’s sad that an evening enjoyed by all had to ruined by some bitter journos again….”

This isn’t meant to be a place for me to respond to journalists, but I am very grateful I have this page, if i didn’t then i would have absolutely no voice when it comes to this stuff.

All these showbiz journalists are just bullies when it comes down to it. I have felt really very bullied this week.I realise that when i first started this job I slagged a few people off when I probably shouldn’t have and I have been opinionated about some things, but i haven’t said a bad word about anyone for a long time, even when I have wanted to, even when people have tried to start feuds and said horrible things about me when they’d never even met me, when they’d based an opinion on me because of something they’d read. It’s hurtful, but it’s fine if you want to print a picture of me and say how awful I look, how much weight i’ve put on or how terrible my choice of clothes were that day. In my opinion it’s still a form of bullying and if anyone spoke to any of my friends like that to their faces i’d want to kill them. But character assasination is another thing it’s just not needed.

I turned up and presented an awards ceremony for charity, i drank some champagne and went home for 12.30 and again I’ve been made to feel like a bad friend and an embarassment to my fans and the people who support me. I shouldn’t have to defend myself when i’ve done nothing wrong. And by the way, to all the photographers waiting outside my house. I won’t be leaving for a while, all my friends have gone to Bestival and i’ve got enough food and fags to last me till wednesday, so you might as well fuck off and find somebody else to make miserable.

I’m torn here, you guys. On the one hand, yes, I do think that the blogs that basically say nothing more than “LOL FATTIE” are kind of gross. On the other hand, perhaps both Lily and Elton are such good actors that their palpable disgust for one another was actually a great wind-up, in which case the BBC should sign them up for an Absolutely Fabulous-style sitcom about excess and celebrity immediately. And on a third hand that’s waving around, don’t you think Lily should know by now, and own her behavior, instead of blogging about feeling persecuted every time she does something stupid? (Newsflash: Actions have consequences! Especially in public!) Oh, ambivalence, you sure do make for un-pithy blog posts…

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