The Hidden Meanings Of Scott Weiland’s Rainwear-Happy Album Title

noah | September 5, 2008 12:00 pm

Scott Weiland hasn’t had all that great of a year, but what better way to turn things around than with a solo album–especially one that allows the names “Sheryl Crow” and “Steve Albini” to appear in the same sentence of a press release? Which is why he’s releasing Happy In Galoshes, which hits stores Nov. 18. Wait a second. Happy In Galoshes? Is he really that into protecting himself from the elements? Does he eschew slippers for a nice pair of Totes in his off hours? Or is there another meaning lurking inside those letters? We asked the automated oracle known as the Internet Anagram Server for its interpretation of Weiland’s album title, and it gave us a few clues as to his post-Velvet Revolver artistic direction.

Analog Hype Ships Well, this explains his collaborations with Albini.

Sylphs Hope Again This one’s easy: When he’s feeling down, the faeries are there to prop up his mind, if not his falls into drum risers.

Papal Nosey Highs Some day, Weiland will realize his Holy Grail of getting fucked up with the Pope. Some day.

Hippy-Ho, Lasagnes Maybe he’s going the Jimmy Buffett route and entering the frozen-dinner world.

Shiny Hogs’ Appeal Ah! That must be it! He’s going into motorcycling! Right? No? Ah, forget it. Seriously, I’m out.

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