Courtney Love Explains Why She Didn’t Brighten Up My Red-Carpet Experience

noah | September 8, 2008 12:00 pm

I was sad that Courtney Love didn’t show up to the Video Music Awards’ red carpet as promised, because I would have loved to hear her take on some of the “luminaries” in attendance (cough cough, Joe Francis, cough cough). But at least her just-blogged excuse note for the evening makes (relative) sense: “theyre not the “VMAS” and they never will be again – i had ZERO desire to watch let alone go and thats one of my very favourite people ive ever known or had the honour of being friends and fiends with hosting it so i feel horribly rude that my desire not to watch assholes with chastity rings- oh for fucks sake ive had some great conversations but not ONE has ever ended in an Orgasm, y’all need some pussy and some cock and shut the hell up..” Now see, wouldn’t she have proven a great foil to Jordin Sparks? More after the jump!

i love when a friend does well and Russell appears to have done quite well- ist not exactltya fucking rock fest at mtv its…… “date my mom” remember- and it will never revert back to reliably rock n roll- its just the economiclevel of thier decision marketing wise to “grow with thier audience”” aka save mass money on shows by just predating on peoples insane desire and frenzy to be on insanely dysfunction al reality shows for free.

Given that the first hour of my red-carpet experience was spent watching luminaries from The Real World and lesser MTV shows fameball right by me, I’m wondering if she’d want to be our Very Special Red-Carpet correspondent next year. At the very least, she’d have better questions to ask people than the ones I came up with–especially if MTV gets the idea to invite people from its brand-new Cops ripoff to show off their stuff. I should get to work on this now, shouldn’t I?

how was russell? [Courtney Love’s MySpace Blog]