Didn’t Like The Video Music Awards? Too Bad, There’s More Where That Came From

Dan Gibson | September 9, 2008 1:30 am

Sure, many people with access to the Internet might agree that this year’s Video Music Awards were among the worst ever. But it looks like whoever is sitting in a cubicle arbitrarily making up television ratings (or, possibly, the scientific data collection method that actually determines these things) disagrees. This year, ratings were up, up, up!

As a matter of fact, ratings were up across the demographic board, an odd phenomenon in the age of DVRs and instant availability through video sharing and P2P networks.

* According to Cable Fast national data, the premiere airing of the VMAs averaged an 8.1 P12-34 grossed rating on MTV and MTV2, growing 26% from last year and 37% from two years ago. * On MTV only, the show averaged a 7.4 P12-34 rating, representing a 15% increase over last year’s VMAs and up 41% from the 2006 awards. * The VMA premiere on MTV is the highest-rated telecast on cable year-to-date among P12-34.

You read that correctly: the VMA premiere drew more viewers than even the Top Chef finale I couldn’t believe it either. Who was not only watching this thing, but staying interested the entire time? At first, I just assumed the audience entirely consisted of bloggers and Rihanna fans, but MTV reports that Web site traffic has hit all-time highs as well, indicating people watched the show and still wanted more content–a concept I’m completely incapable of processing. Apparently people would rather see Britney win awards for a lousy video than provide evidence for her forced institutionalization. Who knew?

If Disney has anything to say about it, Russell Brand probably won’t be back for the 2009 ceremony. So I guess we’ll just have to expect more random nonsense with no particular cohesive narrative this time next year. Do you think Spencer and Heidi will still be around to brighten up the festivities with their sparkling wit?