When Will America Get Its Own “Maestro”?

Michaelangelo Matos | September 10, 2008 11:30 am
Recently, Salon’s Thomas Rogers investigated the even-larger-than-usual spate of American TV shows based on foreign programming. It’s an intriguing piece, especially if you’re already a fan of certain British shows that, while translatable to U.S. tastes, are ingenious as they already exist. (Hello, Top Gear.) Still, it wasn’t until today that I found myself actively hoping for a U.S. network to rip off a BBC series. So let’s just say it outright: Bravo, please adapt Maestro for American television.

Anna Fielding of 17 Dots describes Maestro as “a celebrity reality show where a selection of newsreaders, comedians etc competed against one another to be the best conductor of the BBC Concert Orchestra.” As a non-classical listener this in itself isn’t an automatic in for me, but as a Project Runway/Top Chef fan, the possibilities are immediately apparent. Obviously, the Ego Trip shows have taken the contest format in entertaining directions music-wise, but the idea of Americans working their way into orchestral pieces–and us seeing them do it–is certainly appealing in the sense that much of what’s great about ProjRun and Top Chef is the age-old truth that there is huge inherent entertainment value in watching people make something tangible with their hands. If nothing else, a conductor certainly works with her hands.

At the top of this post is a clip featuring drum & bass producer/DJ Goldie. Below is one featuring Blur’s Alex James. Seriously, America, wouldn’t you rather see a Yanked-up version of this than another season of Top Design?

[HT: 17 Dots]