M.I.A. Would Like To Dress You Up (And Take Your Money)

noah | September 12, 2008 12:00 pm

As promised, M.I.A. has launched her limited-edition clothing line, and the “Okley Run” store is open for business on her Web site. While the prints are pretty much as outlandish as you expect, the prices for each individual piece are a bit insane–and not in the “clashing colors that actually look better and better the more you focus on their dissonance” way, or even the Crazy Eddie way*. A few of the looks, and their attendant price tags, after the jump.


This tank top is the most subdued item in the collection, which is why it’s “only” $65.


The answer is “seventy-five.” As in dollars.


When a bodysuit is splashed with a print that makes even a model that doesn’t exist look a little pudgy, you might think that there’s a design issue.


Are you ready for a brave new world where cultures collide in unexpected ways? And where you can pay $180 for the privilege of wearing a fruit-adorned hoodie?


The only way this hoodie could be worth the $180 asking price? Wearing it to a gathering of Sarah Palin fans and reveling in the looks they give you when you tell them you’re wearing a piece that calls itself “Islamic.”

Okley Run [miauk.com]

* That “beeeeat the heeeat” opening sure sounds ripe for picking by M.I.A.’s sample-happy ways, no?

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