Contrarian Rock Writing Hits A Heretofore-Unseen New Low

noah | September 12, 2008 1:15 am

From a blurb for the forthcoming book I Hate New Music, which sets out to “celebrate a time when Foreigner, Frampton, and Foghat fought for total chart dominance” and push for Thin Lizzy to be inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: “Author Dave Thompson examines the sacred cows of the past 30 years – from U2 to Days of the New, from Radiohead to The White Stripes–and then slaughters them for their sins against our souls in this un-put-downable compendium of outrageous opinion, hilarious anecdote, and wild accusations.” Um, exactly where is Days Of The New considered a “sacred cow”? Some dude’s basement somewhere in Wyoming? [Amazon via antiMUSIC]