Poison is suing Capitol Records over what the band believes are unpaid royalties from its entire tenure on the label. The band’s rep claims that the suit is merely a CYA move so that they don’t run out of the statute of limitations on claiming their cash, and that the two parties are trying to “work this out amicably.” Maybe it’s my melted-by-a-long-week brain, but I sense that “amicably” is code for “reality show”! Like Nothin’ But A Cash Grab, where Bret Michaels and various Capitol accounting employees get in a wind tunnel and grab money swirling around them! Or maybe Don’t Talk Dirty To Me, which follows CC Deville as he tries to be as nice to the honchos at the label as possible–and if he manages to make nice for 20 minutes, he wins back the royalties from a song? (The 20-minute time limit is in effect so each episode can end with a CC comedy routine, natch.) [E!]