Carla Bruni Meets Metallica, Keeps Husband Up At Night

Lucas Jensen | September 18, 2008 6:00 am
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, former model and current singer/wife to the French president, performed on the Beeb’s Later… With Jools Holland a couple of days ago to promote her new album, Comme Si De Rien N’Etait. Her lite-jazz stylings went head-to-head with Metallica (and Kings of Leon), which is a bit of an odd pairing. Apparently, though, she was a great guest, fake-headbanging along to Metallica and stealing a sip from a techie’s beer.

In the interview, she noted that she played her music late at night and it kept her husband up. Sarkozy must be a light sleeper, because I could barely make it through her performance of “Tu Es Ma Came” (one of the translations she offered was “You are my junk”) without falling into Locked-In Syndrome. She does French sing-talking in a pleasant-enough voice that I hesitate to call chanson. (An aside: does that kind of thing work on her own people or just those of us who fall easily for accents? I mean, Jools needed to wipe the slobber off his chin.) The music would be perfectly decent if she hadn’t hired Unplugged-era Eric Clapton to claw away at his guitar in the Coffee House Lite vernacular. That guy never met a tepid jazz/blues lick he couldn’t over-emphasize!

One million Brits watched her, which I think is a lot because a news story I read felt the need to mention it. There was also word that she got a “huge sales boost” from the appearance, though that claim seems to be as unvetted as Sarah Palin, who I like a lot less as far as attractive political figures go.

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