David Cook: American Idol Or America’s Next Top Model?

noah | September 24, 2008 3:30 am

OK, first of all: The picture at left is the promotional picture that Sony/BMG is distributing with material regarding American Idol winner David Cook, and, um, what happened? It’s like they decided to blast away his bartender-next-door looks (and his apple cheeks!) with Photoshop’s “airbrushed makeup” filter. I found said picture next to the stream of Cook’s new, Chris Cornell-assisted single “Light On,” which is over at PopEater. Unsurprisingly, I was pretty much right on the money about it being the soundtrack to every late-night drugstore run you’re going to embark on over the coming months, but I was surprised at its overwhelming resemblance to a lite-rock staple of years gone by.

Sure, “Light On” doesn’t have a female foil, but listening to these two songs back-to-back is making me want to talk to Chris Cornell about his feelings on the recent decimation of smooth-jazz radio.

Dan Hill & Vonda Shepherd – Can’t We Try [YouTube] Cook Turns The “Light On” In Debut Single [PopEater] [HT to Reed Fischer for the ANTM joke in the headline]