Dude Looks Like A Blogger: Steven Tyler Not Very Pleased With Whoever’s Been Copping His Style Online

noah | September 25, 2008 1:00 am

Steven Tyler is suing a group of unnamed bloggers who for whatever reason spend a chunk their free time pretending to be him on Blogspot. (It takes all kinds, I guess.) Tyler’s lawsuit claims that the blog postings under his name–which are very detailed, and included a post about the death of his mother–constitute “public disclosure of private facts” and “misappropriation of likeness,” not to mention that some of the events that transpire in the blog posts aren’t even true. The offending blog has been taken down because of what Blogspot parent company Google calls a “terms of service violation,” but thanks to another arm of that company–you know, the one that’s responsible for Google Cache?–a few of its posts are still floating around the Internet. A look inside the world of Steven Tyler fan sorta-fiction, after the jump.

You know sometimes I think my cup is beyond full, but this morning I woke and limped to the bathroom from the abuse of the night during one of my dreams, and thought to myself, “self, the best is yet to come”…..Mid-stream. And this is so funny, ’cause just yesterday I was talking about dreams, and a few of mine in my post- so in this dream I was getting it on with the lady whom you all know and love, and no it’s not that one French actress that goes by the name of Bridgette because that one is now in her mid 70’s and isn’t all she was back in her 20’s… I keep from using her last name for a few reasons, so not her, but Erin. And I guess I was moving around in my sleep or something, and I woke up with the worst Charlie Horse which is like a muscle crap in my leg. “Nnnnnnyyyyaaaaa!” Was the only thing that came out of my mouth until I got rid of it- creeped the dogs out, I’m sure. (The toe that I got surgery on is doing juuuust fine if anybody was wondering) Anyway, so I limped to the bathroom:

I got a phone call from my friend Chappy, as we call him (aka Kevin Chapman) who is one of the stars of the most critically acclaimed shows on cable, (Showtime’s “Brotherhood”), who asked me “do you wanna invest in a movie….?” I said, tell me about it. All he did was give me the tagline… “What if Elvis, never left the Building?” and up on my computer screen popped a picture of Chappy with Robert Patrick, (who you all know as T2 from the Terminator) fresh out of a 7 hour makeup job, who god help me, looked so much like Elvis. I said “I’M IN!” Now keep in mind, at any given moment, 50 million Elvis fans can’t be wrong….so now I’m in. I have no clue what it’s goin to be about, but I love Elvis.

This was the day I touched on about going to dinner with Chris. We made plans for 6 o’clock and the rest of the day was phone calls to loved ones, going through my bag, and before I knew it the time had come, and I was in car with Casey and Scott, heading through Brookylyn… got out of the car and he and Tipper were waiting on the steps of what seemed to be a mini-version of the White House. If Abe Lincoln lived in New York, don’t you think there would have been logs around??? I spent the next 4 hours talking about everything from Global Warming to Hypnotizing chickens. He’s a down home country boy with an intellect the likes of which I’ve not come in contact in for a long time…. So this morning, painted my toenails black while I called Liv – she’s still on the set of her new movie (Can’t tell ya what it is yet,) with Scott Speedman from the Vampire Movies..? Heh heh

Well before I forget, Erin got home today. I now have a reason to wake up every morning. She’s my sanity, she’s my laughter, she’s my pleasure, what can I say… she’s my sweet heart. And she does so much, not just for me, but she has to make sure that everyone around her is happy and satisfied, before she can relax. I’m too lucky to have her, and I thank god everyday that she keeps me together- because nobody else would do it with that much love.

Honestly, I flicked through a few other blog posts, and things seem kinda tame–if a little bit overly obsessed with the minutiae of Tyler’s life. (And I suspect that Tyler, er, drew the line at posts involving his mother.) But if impersonating a celebrity online is all of a sudden a sueable offense, then I know of a lot of role-playing forums that’ll be filled with members crapping e-bricks/going private tout de suite. Any lawyers out there want to weigh in on this?

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